Om Swastyastu

         Bali is a place of beauty, beautiful people, majestic scenery, amazing festivals and wonderful food.

The Bali culture has developed over 1000’s of years. One of the best ways to experience this culture is in our home.

We would like to invite you to our family home to experience how we live. Share a meal with us or just tour a family compound. Located in a traditional Balinese village we will introduce you to the true taste of authentic Balinese food.

Payogan is a small traditional village approximately 3km north-west of Ubud Palace. It is on the famous Campuhan Ridge trekking route, which passes through rice paddies and has amazing canon views of the rivers.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed warmly into our compound with a big smile. Enjoy the food or just feel the atmosphere of our Bali home. Relax in our garden, feel at home and explore our culture. You can even stay the night! All our dishes and drinks made with love in the traditional Balinese way.


Come In and Tour local Family Compound



During your visit, you may tour our traditional family houses and experience how we live peacefully. In our Balinese compound, explore how extended families live. Learn how Balinese buildings are named, situated, and utilized in daily life. Enjoy our unique experience.